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LOGO was established in 2003 as Fairlane Properties Ltd with it's first office in London hence, it is locally and internationally recognized. This company boasts of properties across Lagos as well as several international destinations. The firm offers a comprehensive range in property services across various real estate sectors - from residential sales, lettings, acquisitions, development sales and Property Management. Read More


Over the years, Fairlane Nigeria Ltd has grown rapidly and the increase in new contacts has led to the need for geographical expansions.

Property Services

Varieties of services across various real estate sectors, from residential sales, lettings, acquisitions, development sales & Property Management.

Business Brokerage

We offer Business brokerage advisory services for property owners, tenants, financial institutions and public sector organizations.

Prominent Associates

Among our Associates in the United Kingdom are St Georges, Barratt Homes, Redab Properties, Fairview Homes & Amara Homes.

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Residential Properties

Be it for short term or long let, the firm offers diversity of options to suit your everyday needs regardless of your...

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Commercial Properties

As a leading Property Agency, Fairlane Nigeria Ltd has developed close relationship with renowned deal makers. As...

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Property Consultations

The company conducts the feasibility and viability studies on your behalf to ensure that the client is provided with...

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